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Vox - the music player you were waiting for?

Vox - the music player you were waiting for?

Source : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vox/id461369673?mt=12

Price - Free

Vox is another music player (Groove being my favourite on iOS and
Ecoute on Mac, at the moment) for Mac, that I came across today - let me tell you upfront - it turned out to be quite impressive. It's a minimal player and lets you customise the features so much that you can replace iTunes with this in a few minutes for all your music needs. Mind you, this is just music player and the focus is only on that aspect - it can't do anything beyond.  

It looks pretty in dark colours. You can customise it to use Mac's default keys to control Vox. The biggest plus is the ability to play almost all formats - including FLAC, AAC, OGG along with MP3. While setting up it gives an option to decide what are all the formats you want to play. It can also play music from multiple sources including folders and from your regular iTunes library. And the best thing - you can play songs from online radio services ($0.99 to enable, app is otherwise free). It supports Last.fm too. Vox's own playlist lets you drag/drop music files for playing. It also lets you to start music from the last played position. Also, you can launch/control Vox using apps like Alfred or Quicksilver. 

Vox has setup voting options on it's website where it let's the users to decide what features they want to see in future versions. I voted for almost all of them Happy. One thing missing is the iOS version of the app. I sincerely hope that it comes quickly. For earlier versions of the Mac OS they have a legacy version available for download.